Chapter One: Fooey

Fooey ran around the ranch smiling and laughing as Coco chirped and chased after her. It was the day her grandfather opened the ranch. Coco was the first egg to be hatched, and her lush green forest enclosure was a magical one to Fooey, at the age of 5. Coco, however, found a Treat-Bush and was distracted. Fooey stopped when she heard no dragon behind her, and saw Coco eating the treats like a wiglet. For those of you dont know what a wiglet is, its a winged-piglet. Anyways, Coco ate too many all at once, and a bright flash blinded Fooey for a second. Coco evolved into a Juevinle Plant Dragon. Fooey stared in awe at the magic that hapened right in front of her. Coco squawked, feeling no different yet stronger. Her black slits narrowed and she paniced. A Baor was behind Fooey! In order to protect her friend, Coco ran to Fooeys defense and used Razor Leaf. Fooey stared in awe; she never knew that could happen! The Baor roared in pain as the sharp leafs cut through his tough fur. Coco instantly noticed this Baor was young and learning how to hunt, so she stopped and starting squawking loudly instead. The Baor escaped when he saw he had the chance, and Fooey patted Coco on the head. The two returned home, and Fooey told the magical tale. Her father tucked her into bed after dinner, and let Coco sleep on her bed.


The Day after Fooey learned the basics to taking care of dragons, and their powers and evolutionary cycle, as well as breeding {Her grandfather told her during dinner} quickly ended, and it was morning. The suns warm rays peeked over the tallest hill, wiping away the cold night. Fooey yawned and smiled to see Coco sleeping peacefully. She tip-toed out of her room after quietly sliding down from her bed, shut the door, and went into the bathroom. She took a quick, warm shower, brushed her teeth, then combed her dark brown hair. She would let it dry by itself today, so she put some Leave-in spray. Fooey put her white shirt on and her blue jeans then tip-toed out of the room. She jumped, startled, as one of the woosters went off with the morning alarm. Coco was startled as well, and she squawked loudly, waking all of the house. Fooey hushed her down quickly, and put her shoes on to let Coco out into her enclosure. Cocos green eyes met Fooeys dark brown when a Baor cub squealed frightened. A male Baor was going to attack it, and thinking quickly, both Fooey and Coco knew this would only cause trouble. Coco rushed to the cubs aid and attacked the male, and the Baor ran off, remembering the fight they had before. He didn't want any more scars. Coco once again saved the day, and Fooey gave her treats to reward her. After telling the tale, Fooey ate dinner and was tucked into bed. Coco was allowed on her bed again. The cold night returned again.



What is a Baor?

A Baor is a boar mixed with a bear; sounds weird right? Well actually, a Boar resembles a bear more, yet it has tusks, and wiry tough fur. They are usually dark brown, and are born with white spots, and a golden pelt.

What is a Wooster?

A wooster is a rooster with a weasel; a weasel-ish body, and the red from a rooster. they usually have light fawn stripes and one dark brown. A wooster is a male, of course, and a female is a wen. Odd you would say.

What time period is this chapter in?

This chapter is the young life of Fooey when she first met dragons. Fooey lives on this ranch with her father, and later lives with her mother. But soon leaves to become a Dragon Tamer, with her brother Froggie. Fooey's other hobbies are swimming, Dragon Riding, and Dragon Racing. She loves tennis as well.

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