• Destroyerkhaos

    Move ideas

    July 9, 2012 by Destroyerkhaos

    Special moves:


    Earth:Groundage(stuns enemy)

    Tree:Grow(Doesn't allow)

    Moss:Weather(weakens enemy defence)

    Fire:Burn(causes burn while doing damage 100%)

    Lava:Melt(OHKO in 2 turns)

    Flower:Beautify(stuns enemies)

    Poison:Venom(aready shown)

    Cold:Freeze(fieezes enemies 100% while doing damage)

    Blue fire:Frozen Burn(higher chance of burn than freeze with this move)

    Frostfire:Hot Freeze(Higher chance of freeze with this move)

    Mountain:Cap(makes enemy go high to the sky and deals massive damage next turn)

    Lichen:Plantage(Deals damage to enemie every turn)

    Evergreen:Shed(Cures It's or ally frozen status)

    Lightning:Bolt(Does high damage while having a stun chance)

    Storm:Lightningstorm(Does a couple of small bolts at the enemy)


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