It was a sunny morning and Bullet was going for a walk. While he was walking along the path he found a ball. When he opened it he found a baby dragon inside. Bullet was amazed at what he saw. So he decided to go and ask The Wizard about it. The Wizard was very wise. He knew alot about these "Dragon Spheres" such as the one Bullet had found. The Wizard said that the one Bullet found was a Fire Dragon and that Dragons can be leveled up to level 20 if Bullet found these 3 items. At first the Dragons can only be level 10, then level 15, and finally level 20. The Wizard also said that if you go into the wild and find some wild creatures and you let your fire dragon out (while of course keeping an eye on him) your dragon will level up! The Wizard had given Bullet a "Dragopedia" which told about all known Dragons,Info about them, and some Items that Bullet could very well come across on his Journey to find out about these Dragons. But The Wizard had also warned Bullet that some Dragons Bullet could find others may be looking for and even use thier dragons against him to win the dragon. So Bullet had to be very carefull as others could ambush him and take his precious dragons. So with this information Bullet went back to his house and was quite surprised to see his friend Justin on his doorstep looking at....something. when Bullet got closer to Justin he realised what Justin was holding was a...A DRAGONSPHERE! When Bullet got to Justin, Bullet wanted to talk to him but had no chance because Justin was asking him if he had ever seen anything like it... and Bullet said well... I do have this Dragonsphere here. the Old Wizard told me it is a Fire Dragon! I don`t know what mine is... maybe we could go ask him! Bullet thought it was a good idea soooo they went back to the Old Wizard who told Justin that his dragon was a Water Dragon! How funny these friends thought it was to have fire and water dragons since water puts out fire! They eventually snapped back into seriousness. The Old Wizard gave Justin A Dragopedia and the two friends went into the wild to go level thier dragons up!

More to come

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