• Equinox29

    Hunt vs pickle

    December 14, 2012 by Equinox29

    hunt's level 10 earth roared pickle heard the roar and looked at the back of him hunt he yelled hunt said I want to battle lets do it yelled pickle trofolium I chose you bash I chose you bash earth quake trofolium luck bash gets hit flare charge trofolium gets hit trofolium get up yelled pickle  use all your power for body slam bash can't battle trofolium is now level 10

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  • Pickle786™

    Wedding Procedure

    December 2, 2012 by Pickle786™
    • Guests arrive at DragonMon Chat

    • Wedding Ceremony begins

    • Phickles786 walks Bre down aisle
    • Reduce talking somewhat

    • Vows and such
    • Minimum talking (Ghastly, no distributions :L)

    • PARTY! Until 9:50

    • After Party for V.I.P's

    • Pickle - Groom
    • Bre - Bride
    • Wiz(Priest) - Priest
    • Heat, WK - Best Men
    • Joy - Maid of Honor
    • Witch, Mads - Bridesmaids
    • Echo - Ring Bearer
    • Glammy - Flower Girl
    • DragoNEX - Best Dragon
    • Poke - Best Pokemon
    • Wes - Entertainment
    • Gummy - Cookie Thrower(?)
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  • Emerilla

    DragonMon is awasome

    September 4, 2012 by Emerilla

    I think DragonMon is awasome,so much adventure,so much creativity,it's wonderful and a great place,all the admins are nice,all the members are kind it's just such a wonderful wiki

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  • Heat786™

    786 vs Khaos

    August 27, 2012 by Heat786™

    Pickle looked through the window of the DragINN at the Khaotic rule currently taking place over the Dragonvale Islands. The Dragonvale Islands were not what they used to be. Ever since Parliment was taken over by the Khaos gang, things had not been the same. The air was polluted, the sewage was filthy, but most peculiar of all, the dragons seemed to be in a depression. It was a very peculiar sight to see dragons in a melancholic state. The normally perky Plant Dragon was looking rather dreary in the past 2 years. Pickle knew this had to be stopped...but how?

    ~ ~ ~ ~

    Heat went to the Ye Olde Buffet like he did every morning before going to the Dragon Library to get a new book. He sat down next to a man at the bar of whom he had often seen aro…

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  • Omega111

    Admin's Corner

    August 22, 2012 by Omega111

    Some of us admins are busy, so you can contact another admin, or moderator. If you have any questions, please comment.

    Moderators moderate the chat, but can also help you with your questions. Poke WK Ryll Heat

    --Will link em later :/--

    Admins will state any time they will be away or have anything else to say to the wiki.

    --Will link em later :/--

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  • FooeyTheDobie


    Froggie woke up at 5:00 in the morning, to get ready earlier. He quickly took a shower, brushed his teeth, threw some clothes on, and ran downstairs while brushing his hair. Froggie jumped up to grab his favorite cereal; Frog Hops; off the top of the fridge, got it's edge but didn't grab it, and jumped up again, grabbing it but nearly missing again. He set it on the table and poured some milk in a bowl. His mom's alarm went off. Ugh.... she can't wake up NOW... Froggie thought and poured the cereal into the bowl, and stuffed his mouth with it. While slurping up the milk, Froggie heard his sisters alarm go off as well. Well surely SHE w…

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  • FooeyTheDobie


    The warm climate of the lush green town made Fooey shiver with excitement. She looked at a dragonball, and opened it, to see a cute rainbow dragon baby inside. "Wow!" she said in awe. "This must be a mistake though, nobody gets the legendary rainbow dragon as a starter dragon!" she said thoughtfully. "Oh well" she muttered and let the rainbow dragon explore along a hiking path. "I'm going to name you Zero" she announced. The rainbow dragon smiled at the sound of his new name and was about to have his first battle. The weak fire dragon had no chance, and soon fainted. Fooey grinned and trained Zero for a bit longer. "Your a great D…

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  • FooeyTheDobie


    Name: Fooey

    Gender: Female

    Age: Currently Ten in the story.

    Position in Story: Fooey is the main character, going on her journey to become a Dragonmon Champion. Later in the story she will become a Dragon Rider, and a Dragon Racer.

    Looks: Fooey is a dark-brown haired girl; with natural waves. Her hair is long, and she likes it that way. Her eyes are also brown, and she has tan skin. She usually wears Garnet Ear-rings or a Icy blue, Sky blue, or Red bandana around her neck.


    Name: Coco

    Gender: Female

    Position in Story: Coco is Fooeys childhood Plant Dragon Friend, and lives at her Grandfathers ranch. Now a level 75 dragon, …

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  • FooeyTheDobie


    Fooey ran around the ranch smiling and laughing as Coco chirped and chased after her. It was the day her grandfather opened the ranch. Coco was the first egg to be hatched, and her lush green forest enclosure was a magical one to Fooey, at the age of 5. Coco, however, found a Treat-Bush and was distracted. Fooey stopped when she heard no dragon behind her, and saw Coco eating the treats like a wiglet. For those of you dont know what a wiglet is, its a winged-piglet. Anyways, Coco ate too many all at once, and a bright flash blinded Fooey for a second. Coco evolved into a Juevinle Plant Dragon. Fooey stared in awe at the magic that…

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  • Bulletman772

    The Story

    August 2, 2012 by Bulletman772

    It was a sunny morning and Bullet was going for a walk. While he was walking along the path he found a ball. When he opened it he found a baby dragon inside. Bullet was amazed at what he saw. So he decided to go and ask The Wizard about it. The Wizard was very wise. He knew alot about these "Dragon Spheres" such as the one Bullet had found. The Wizard said that the one Bullet found was a Fire Dragon and that Dragons can be leveled up to level 20 if Bullet found these 3 items. At first the Dragons can only be level 10, then level 15, and finally level 20. The Wizard also said that if you go into the wild and find some wild creatures and you let your fire dragon out (while of course keeping an eye on him) your dragon will level up! …

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  • Jell222

    Ideas For Special Moves

    July 25, 2012 by Jell222

    I got the idea from Destroyerkhaos, about having special moves for each dragon. All these are Pokemon moves except for the ones with (Made up).

    Maybe the dragons can learn each move when they are the highest level.

    Plant: Frenzy Plant

    Earth: Earth Power

    Fire: Flare Blitz

    Cold: Blizzard

    Lightning: Lightning Strike

    Water: Hydro Cannon

    Air: Brave Bird

    Metal: Meteor Mash

    Tree: Leaf Tornado

    Flower: Petal Dance

    Lava: Eruption

    Moss: Poison Ivy (Made up)

    Poison: Venoshock

    Mountain: Avalanche

    Blue Fire: White Flame (Made up) / Blue Flare

    Frostfire: Glacial Burn (Made up)

    Lichen: Surf

    Evergreen: Magical Leaf

    Cactus: X-Scissor

    Firefly: Bug Buzz

    Scorch: Fire Blast

    Crystal: Power Gem

    Quake: Earthquake

    Storm: Thunder

    Ice: Ice Beam

    Iceberg: Icicle Crash

    Mud: Muddy Water

    Swamp: Hydro…

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  • Destroyerkhaos

    Move ideas

    July 9, 2012 by Destroyerkhaos

    Special moves:


    Earth:Groundage(stuns enemy)

    Tree:Grow(Doesn't allow)

    Moss:Weather(weakens enemy defence)

    Fire:Burn(causes burn while doing damage 100%)

    Lava:Melt(OHKO in 2 turns)

    Flower:Beautify(stuns enemies)

    Poison:Venom(aready shown)

    Cold:Freeze(fieezes enemies 100% while doing damage)

    Blue fire:Frozen Burn(higher chance of burn than freeze with this move)

    Frostfire:Hot Freeze(Higher chance of freeze with this move)

    Mountain:Cap(makes enemy go high to the sky and deals massive damage next turn)

    Lichen:Plantage(Deals damage to enemie every turn)

    Evergreen:Shed(Cures It's or ally frozen status)

    Lightning:Bolt(Does high damage while having a stun chance)

    Storm:Lightningstorm(Does a couple of small bolts at the enemy)


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  • Adithyæ24

    These are the wikis i go to

    everyone knows this... maybe

    origin of dragonmon and you guys...

    what better than to put our own wiki?

    its so new

    who sees this anyway? Me, thats who

    i hope i spelled this right..

    so thats all

    you can find me on those wikis WOOT!!!!

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  • Pokèdragon

    These are the battle moves that I think should be in DragonMon. Each dragon has a special move and each element have 12 moves and Rare Dragons have 10 moves. Also, there are normal moves which every dragon can learn.

    • Bite (The user bites the opponent. Deals little damage)
    • Hyper Fang (The user charges and bites the opponent. Deals some damage)
    • Tackle (The user tackles into the opponent. This attack is simple and does not have much effect)
    • Giga Impact (The user charges and slams into the opponent. A very strong attack but hurts the user too)
    • Guillotine (A tearing attack against the opponent. If this attack hits, it is an automatic K.O.)
    • Hyper Beam (A powerful beam. Deals many damge. The user must recharge after the attack)
    • Pledge (A blast of light.…

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  • Adithyæ24

    Dm wiki ideas

    June 29, 2012 by Adithyæ24

    I have many ideas for dm wiki

    1.An Actual video of dm

    2 Pic of. Moves


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